About The Qi Tribe

Our Spring Forest Qigong practice group is dedicated to learning, healing, and radiating love energy. We are lead by Kriselie, a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader and Certified Trainer.  She has unconditional love in her heart, and encourages you to cultivate the same in your heart.

What We Do

We do some active meditation (slow moving mindfulness with awareness of your breathing) and discuss SFQ healing techniques. We often do a guided meditation (usually seated)as well. Our hour will always be spend doing what benefits the group the most.

Why We Meet

Practicing in a qigong group helps multiply the qi-energy and healing. Besides, you will be part of a wonderful, loving community whose purpose is to help empower you to heal yourself and your family. You will also get inspired by meeting people whose life stories are similar to yours. Learn from their experiences, and find new meaning to your own life’s circumstances.